I Am What I'm Becoming

by Strippers in Love

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rapscallion7 thumbnail
rapscallion7 In love with Strippers in Love...these dudes blend psychedelia with stoner heavy riffs. I need another shovel cuz im diggin this way too much Favorite track: Skinwalker.
Old Man Doom
Old Man Doom thumbnail
Old Man Doom Heard this a few days ago and just dug their sound. Riffs, tranquility, and fucking riffs. When I arrived home I bought it and just been jamming to it the whole time. Let 2016 go out with the riffs tearing away at it's shit roots that have tried to suck out the ambience of Riffage. Favorite track: Nightblooming.
Matthew Rukgaber
Matthew Rukgaber thumbnail
Matthew Rukgaber Crushing, distorted riffs next to beautiful desert guitar tones, with intelligent song arrangement and lovely vocals. Expands the genre, like the first time you heard Truckfighters and went "wow!" Best of 2016. Favorite track: Wandering Albatross.
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released July 31, 2016

Guitar/Vocals/FX - Daniel Jaime-Dwyer
Bass - Jeroni Puigros Brunet
Drums - Oriol Santamaría Jareño

Recorded in 2015 in Loft Studios (drums), the back of a church, an old attic, Liam's place and the wilderness.
Produced by Daniel Jaime-Dwyer.
Mixed in 2016 by Liam Gaughan and Daniel Jaime-Dwyer.
Mastered in 2016 by Brad Boatright of Audiosiege (USA)
Artwork by Alison Scarpulla (USA)

We are fully independent



all rights reserved


Strippers in Love

We are Strippers in Love. We like music. We play music. We have just released our debut album. We love it. We hope you do as well. Manchester, UK and Balearic Islands, Spain

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Track Name: Tomahawk
Swim down into the abyss
The last breath of air
Feel the endless ocean
bleed into your lungs
Emerging a living soul
A whisper in the night
The sorrow of living
and the joy to know you’re alive

Lay down in blood and bone
Liquid dreams of silver
Dead eyes wake up reborn
Retribution of your soul

Cold rain
Warm Pain

Punctures ripping through the
ribcage made of flesh and
bones crushed full of pain and
Agony is all that’s
left behind by time to
be forgotten in a
garden made of sunken
ships found within flames

Bring you back the ruins of skies
Lightning the past with echoing stars
Altered state of space and time
Born to witness the fall inside
Track Name: Nightblooming
Resurrect, posses and conquer
Regenerate, drink from the fountain
Observe the moon, follow the instinct
Mind wide open
Spiral up against all odds
Bring it down and don't look back at
the consequence of a dying soul
Bring it down

Prodigy blamed for sins
Surrender to the purest instinct
Falling free, caving in
Shadows of a moonless night

The pain deep within
A hole
All gone and who are you
Beyond the shadows of doubt
Track Name: Beyond the Shadows of Doubt
No more days to drag
To leave behind a wounded world
Limitless and infinite control like time and love
Birds and wolves trade secrets in the night
About the depth of the sky
Why are you afraid of the unknown
Breathe and don't look back

Tearing skies
And it's not enough to
Not enough to break away
Collide making planets shake
and not enough to claim life its throne
Of golden pearls and silver crowns made of smoke
Push hard
Leave the rain behind craft your own design
Let it flow
Track Name: Skinwalker
Down drunk from these waters
Flowers made of dreams
Planet soiled with seeds
and petals made of skin
Sadness belongs to flesh
That's why skeletons are found smiling
The spirited light
in the shape of the beast

In a world empty of time
No cause or effect
Tempest and calm
come side by side
Track Name: Wandering Albatross
To spin out of control the chaos in your mind
To spiral up the whirl
To kiss the feeding hand defeats the paradigm
To hear the ocean drone

Fly higher than moving ground
Inspire, let love be intact
Embrace the pain
Let it heal
Hear the roaring waves fall of the edge of the world

An earth with no ground
Or cardinal points
With words that speak
And dreams that live
Track Name: Waves of Silver
To speak of the rain being just a drop of water that slid from a cloud
Sometimes falls into a void
Most of times from the ground

The invisible fire
Ignites the path of retribution
To kneel down for love
Could you fall any higher

Flesh returns to dust
Waves of silver hand in hand
Lungs expand in awe
Visions of a truth denied
Track Name: Mandragora
In through the flames he came
The head of the beast he saw
Brought moon the down he conquered
Uncovered his eyes
Rain and fire sinking within

Shadows lost inside your mind
breaking out through salty eyes
The night opens up like a body of time
Beautiful like a wintery sun

Come to me my child in bloom
Higher ground awaits only for you

The colours of the tears you bleed
Reminder of your reason to be here
You wanted to enlighten
But you only burned
With the warmest of hearts
and the coldest blood
Track Name: Now That It's Tomorrow, Today Is Another Day
Come sail through open skies
Don't let go

You tend to the infinite
But one day you'll realise it was left behind
And let the current drift you away

For the leaf is to die from the tree
Caresses the wind and heals the air
thanking the roots for their time

Feel the earth like your own blood
Inspiration from yourself
Bathe in the sea of souls
Let your dreams tell who you are

Be strong enough
but feel vulnerable
To love and embrace